Albert Hesse

Albert Hesse was born on April 20, 1967 in Elspe.
He is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the world's largest peace project "The One World Monument".

Since his earliest youth, he has been enthusiastic about the arts and crafts. Initially he wanted to escape the rigid work routine and sought balance in painting, in 2017 he decided to devote more time and energy to art.
His current style comes closest to action painting, but is unique and soulful in its own way. Through his abstract and expressionist pictures he wants to give the viewer the freedom to interpret and explore his own feelings. His pictures are atmospheric and energetic, from calm and relaxing to mysterious and stimulating.


Painting techniques Albert Hesse

Tools and materials:
Rotary engine
Air pressure

The art is to combine the rotational energy of the canvas, with the texture of the colors, in such a way as to create an aesthetic  design. With various aids like sponges and brushes I create an emotional mood in the background. After I have decided for a base mood I bring the colors, supported by my "rotary machine", into the desired shape.
My works are not meant to confuse, rather to create a basis through comprehensible techniques. The viewer can and should let himself go in the work and enjoy.

My works should evoke different emotions:
Calmness - love - relaxation - excitement - distraught - warmth - cold - happyness
Through my abstract Expressionist design, I deprive the viewer of the possibility of trivializing and rationalizing - for me, art is the opportunity to experience my own experience.